The Crowpierce Rr Platform Technology provides workable and flexible solutions to significant agricultural and biomedical challenges.

Dr. George Pierce and Dr. Sidney Crow have a combined 80 years of providing solutions in Applied, Environmental, and Industrial Microbiology. They partnered to form Crowpierce, a biotechnology company generating environmental solutions based on their considerable patent portfolio and knowhow.  Crowpierce is working to fully exploit and commercialize these patents.

Commercializing the Crowpierce patents requires a business approach that is focused and flexible. The company’s intent is to take a business approach that affords the greatest potential  for the commercial development of the patents for the partners, investors, customers, and members of the company.

Rr, a platform technology developed by Crowpierce, is a broad-based technology with multiple applications. In addition to the FarmRipe component where the biological communication is disrupted such as retarding fruit ripening and inhibiting fungi growth, and the Rhodase component which can be used as a novel Asparaginase treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, the Rr technology’s applications include: inhibition of plant pathogens, soil conditioning, flower preservation, and rejuvenation cosmetic products. Crowpierce patents, freedom to operate, and test results clearly show the innovation and efficacy of the technology.


Rr Products are Naturally Occurring & Environmentally Safe

Rr Products are Naturally Occurring & Environmentally Safe

While at Georgia State University, Pierce and Crow designed and built laboratory facilities that are certifiable Good Manufacturing Practice. They also personally trained and continue to work with a cadre of young scientists. This pilot production facility has Braun Sartorius 20, 30, and 40-liter bioreactors. A single run of 40-liter vessel alone makes sufficient product to treat over 12,000 pounds of produce.